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The Idaho Peace Coalition is a community of caring people dedicated to compassionate and nonviolent action.
We work for peace and justice through education, advocacy and personal responsibility.


How did you get together?
Right after the attack on 911 many of us were in shock as most Americans were. The country was beating the war drums and we did not wish to join them. Just like September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows we did not want our grief to be a call to war but rather a search for peace. Concerned citizens of like mind found each other and the Idaho Peace Coalition was born.

How much does it cost to be a member?
Being a member of the Idaho Peace Coalition is FREE! But we will always thankfully take donations to help us with our work.

What do you do exactly?
Primarily we wish to connect others with information on peaceful solutions and local, national and international activists and provide a forum for people to share their voices. We also promote other organization's events in our calendar. At times we have in-services/teach-ins. We host well known speakers on issues of peace. We organize non-violent street actions for peace. Occasionally we talk with our elected legislative officials, local, state and national. We have "letters to the editor" campaigns when events and issues occur that are of interest to us in accordance with our vision and mission statements.

Who is in charge?
We are a totally volunteer organization. We do have a BOD that meets just once a year but the real work is done by what we call the "spokes council" The spokes council is comprised of anyone who shows up to a meeting. It is there we plan events and actions and people self-deligate if they want to work on any event we do. There is no hierarchy. All decisions are done by consensus


Idaho Peace Coalition
Goals and Objectives

Vision Statement:
The Idaho Peace Coalition is a community of caring people dedicated to compassionate and nonviolent action. We work for peace and justice through education, advocacy, and personal responsibility.
GOAL:     Bring About a Transformation to a Peace- and Justice-Based Community, and Nation, and World
Creatively express the urgent message that the administration and Congress must end the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, abandon the War on Terror, and reform U.S. policies to promote a nonviolent path to peace in the Middle East;
Hold our elected officials responsible to enact the peace- and justice-based policies supported by the majority of Idahoans and Americans;
Provide our community diverse opportunities to participate in these moments of change;
Host local, national and international speakers who inform and encourage us and connect us to the energy of the peace and justice movement;
Work in coalition with other local groups who embrace peace and justice; and
Work in tandem with the national peace movement.
GOAL:     Expand, Engage, and Nurture the Idaho Peace Coalition Community
Be the change we want to see in our culture by operating democratically, being accountable to each other, sharing power and responsibility, working cooperatively, and valuing difference;
Hold frequent family-friendly, fun-filled events and demonstrations;
Strengthen connections with people who share our desire for peace and justice;
Develop new leaders; and
Include art, music, and poetry in our offerings.

GOAL:     Promote Peaceful Living and Nonviolent Power and Action
Teach about the power, practices, and successes of nonviolent action in the tradition of Gandhi and Dr. King;
Provide opportunities for everyone to experience the power and effectiveness of nonviolent action; and
Offer opportunities to all ages to practice peaceful living.

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